What we've achieved this past fortnight

If you are one of over 100,000 incredible ActionStation supporters who have signed a petition, given a donation, sent an email, written a submission and/or taken an action for a fairer, healthier, more democratic New Zealand then thank you, thank you, thank you.

It’s Friday and we wanted to give you something to smile about, so here’s an overview of all the incredible things people power has been able to achieve over the past few weeks:

We stood up for conservation

This week is Conservation Week so to celebrate we wanted to show our appreciation for the people who work hard to preserve our pristine natural environment and clean green image. The staff at the Department of Conservation are unfortunately undervalued and underpaid. We worked with their Union PSA to support their industrial action in a bid for fairer pay. Click here to add your signature now.

We stood up to a bully, and against hate speech

On 29 October right-wing blogger Cameron Slater wrote “the only solution” to radical Islam "is to kill them before they kill us”. On a member suggestion, we started an open letter to the Human Rights Commission about the post. Within days, Slater edited his post to refer specifically to ISIS, rather than to Muslims generally. Having Slater edit his post in response to our campaign is an outcome for our movement to be proud of, and we'll continue to act together to protect and promote human rights and racial harmony in New Zealand.

We're working to close the gender pay gap

Women in New Zealand are paid 14% less than men.So in the spirit of sisterhood we’ve partnered with the NZ Nurses Organisation and others to call on our MPs, but especially women MPs, to take a public pledge of support for equal pay. More than 200 of us have sent emails to our MPs and 30 of them have now taken the pledge!

Next Tuesday, there will be an Equal Pay Picnic at Parliament to support this campaign and if you’re not in Wellington you can still support equal pay just click here to take action.

We're working hard to counter the government's spin about the TPPA

The TPPA text was finally released to the public yesterday and we have a team of experts who are working hard to analyze the 6000-page agreement and find out exactly what it means for the people of New Zealand. We’ll be releasing their findings in the form of downloadable fact sheets and shareable images on our new crowdfunded information site www.tppafacts.co.nz. We’ve also partnered with It’s Our Future to help mobilise people to protest the TPPA all around the country this coming Saturday 14th November. We have crowdfunded radio ads (thanks to you!) advertising the march playing on RadioLive, GeorgeFM, MaiFM, 95bFM and Radio Waatea starting tomorrow!

We fought for public services to be owned by the public

Off the back of widespread reports of mismanagement at Serco’s Mt Eden Prison, more than 1000 of us have sent emails to Wellington MPs calling for a moratorium on all Serco bids for public service contracts (including their bid for Wellington's KiwiRail) until a full and independent investigation is complete. Click here to take an email action on Serco

We stood up for the climate

If we are to keep global warming below 2 degrees it’s important we keep coal, and other fossil fuels in the ground.  We’ve partnered with Coal Action Network Aotearoa to pressure Fonterra to live up to it’s clean, green company tagline and make the switch from dirty coal to renewable alternatives. This campaign has received really excellent media attention with lead stories in Element Magazine and The Dominion Post. Today is the last day you can sign! Click here to add your signature.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Christchurch

We’ve been fighting for democracy in Christchurch: 2500 of us had our say on the Regeneration Bill, calling for a locally-led approach to the Christchurch rebuild. The message got through and the Government released a Bill that transferred more power to local decision makers. We’re still working on strengthening the Regeneration Bill and also launching new campaigns to strengthen democratic representation by calling for full elections for Environment Canterbury to replace all the non-elected commissioners that have been there for the past 5 years. Add your name to stop three more years of unelected Commissioners at Environment Canterbury.

Our community cares about what's best for babies and we take action

We’re standing up for  parents and children, by calling for 8 more weeks paid parental leave. Research shows that longer paid parental leave means better health for the mother and child, women are able to participate better in the workforce, and families are supported through a hard time - this is good for babies, their family and the communities they live in. So far nearly 2000 people have made submissions to the Paid Parental Leave Bill. To make a submission click here.

All of this in less than a month, and thanks to people like you. Together we are powerful. Imagine what more we can do together as our movement continues to grow.

With hope, determination and gratitude,

Laura, Marianne, Ryan and Nina from ActionStation.

PS. We love to hear your feedback. If you would like to receive these round up emails more regularly, please opt-in here. Our plan is to write them once a month at this stage, unless demand calls for more.

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