What about security and the potential for fraud?


Online voting will be trialled in NZ at the 2016 local body elections, we are asking that if the trial goes well and robust regulations are put in place so voters have trust and confidence in the system that the trial be extended to the nationwide General Election in 2017. The Online Voting Working Party are already assessing the security and technology used in public elections overseas to mitigate risk. Our goal is to show public support and increased demand for more robust political processes.

For the 2016 trial, “The Government RealMe service will be used to enable online voting. New Zealanders who have a RealMe logon can now update their electoral enrolment details online. The Electoral Amendment Bill recently introduced will enable electors with a RealMe verified identity to enrol online.” [4]

[4] www.beehive.govt.nz/release/online-voting-be-trialled-2016-elections

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