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Send a message of welcome and commitment to our new Minister of Climate Change, Paula Bennett.

In Paris this past weekend, nearly 200 nations signed in the end of the fossil fuel era. Two decades of talks have resulted in a historic global deal to address climate change. 

This is a huge moment for the global movement for climate action. The deal is more ambitious than many of us hoped - it includes a commitment to try and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, a promise to meet every five years to increase ambition, and a commitment to a net-zero carbon future.

But this deal isn’t everything.

To address climate change, every country has to reduce emissions. That’s where we come in. Our movement is getting bigger and more powerful every day. It’s up to us, as New Zealand citizens, to hold our government to the promises it has made in Paris to be part of the solution.

There’s a lot of work to do in New Zealand - our targets are still too low, our policies aren’t leading to real reductions in emissions, and our government is continuing to subsidise fossil fuel exploration. It’s going to be a busy few years 

New Zealand, as of a few weeks ago, has a new Minister of Climate Change, Paula Bennett. We’re sending her a card and some informative Christmas entertainment (in the form of the book This Changes Everything, and the Thin Ice documentary), to welcome her to the role.

Sign the card on the right and we'll deliver it in person this Thursday 17th. 

We’re aware that for some people it might be a bitter pill to send a welcome card to a Minister who has let us down in other portfolios. But we believe it’s important to open this new relationship with high expectations. Climate change isn’t going away, and we need our Ministers to be listening.

So sign our card now and tell the new Minister that we’re committed to seeing New Zealand act, and welcome the opportunity to take real climate action with her. 


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