Become a Watchdog for Wealth Distribution

We have a growing gap between rich and poor and funding to vital public services is continually cut. Public servants work in the best interest of the public, but it seems that every other day we see a new article that questions big bonuses, salaries or payouts for people in the public sector [1]

This is a tricky issue, and we don't propose to have all the answers, but if enough of us sign on, we can create a powerful coalition who will keep an eye on how public money is spent and where we are placing priorities. We are not opposed to growth and incentives, but we want to see reciprocal growth and incentives. We want to even out the playing field.

If we reach 2,000 signatories, we will book a meeting with Paula Bennett, the Minister for State Services to express our concerns, we will crowdsource suggestions for policy change from you and we will invite you to come along when we meet her too.

If we reach 5,000 signatories, we will crowdfund to put income inequality infographics on posters throughout the country and spread the word.

If we reach 10,000 signatories, we will have started a movement.

Join us and become a Watchdog for Wealth Distribution.

[1] AND


200 watchdogs

Will you sign?

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