Our people-powered submission in support of clean rivers and lakes

ActionStation billboard featuring crowdsourced photos of hundreds of New Zealanders enjoying their lakes, rivers and streams in a collage. It says \

Our crowdsourced billboard in support of clean and healthy rivers

 "A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence." 

- James N. Watkins

Earlier this year, our friends at Choose Clean Water and an amazing team of supporters from all over the country took the voices of tens of thousands of New Zealanders to Parliament to hand in a petition calling for the Government to set “swimmable” as the minimum standard for freshwater in lakes, rivers and streams instead of "wadeable" which is the Government's current position.

Swimmable as the bottom line would mean our lakes and rivers must be clean enough to swim in. Wadeable means that they can pose a "moderate risk" of infection if you are wading or boating in them.

That petition was referred to Select Committee, who are a group of MPs who will do further research (including holding public hearings) and make policy recommendations to the Government about what they should do. 

Choose Clean Water are presenting the case for swimmable rivers to this Select Committee on Thursday 13th October. 

In support of this presentation, we worked with the crew at Choose Clean Water to demonstrate to the Members of the Select Committee - and hopefully Government through their recommendations - the strong connection New Zealanders have to their waterways through photographs and submissions collected from New Zealanders all around the country from across the political spectrum. 

The image you see above is the design for a 1.2m x 2.4m billboard we will deliver to Select Committee. It features photos from more than 250 ActionStation members who contributed to this process. We had 806 photos contributed total. 

The report below is what we sent to Select Committee. It is a highlight of the 1,434 individual submissions we collected between Wednesday 5th October and Wednesday 12th October. 

To read the full list of submissions you can click here.


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