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We all want healthy lakes and rivers in New Zealand. Access to freshwater is a basic human right. We market our brand of 100% Pure to the rest of the world and easy access to boating, fishing and swimming in our lakes and rivers has long been a favourite pastime of the Kiwi summer holiday.

But unfortunately right now, our legal minimum freshwater standards are letting the Kiwi dream down. The Government’s position is that water only needs to be safe for “wading” which means, legally speaking, that our waterway quality is allowed to pose a “moderate risk” of infection when people are wading or boating in them (this is called ‘secondary contact’). The result? Our rivers and lakes are increasingly unsafe for people to swim in or gather food from, and our wildlife and environment are suffering.

The good news is that our freshwater legislation is currently under review by the government - this is where you get to have your say.

So, we’ve joined forces with the team at Choose Clean Water and set up this easy online form for you to make a submission. Personal experiences of swimming, fishing, boating and enjoying your local lakes and rivers will be really valuable, as will your suggestions for what should be done to protect our waterways. The deadline is 5pm this Friday 22nd April.

We've included some suggested expert points you could use in your submission, simply tick the box need to the points you agree with.

Remember, you don’t need to be a freshwater science expert to make a submission. You just need to care about New Zealand’s water. These processes exist so that New Zealanders can participate in the decisions that affect their lives. Our job is to make is easier for you to get involved in that participation. 

Make a submission now and share this page with your friends encouraging them to do the same.

Ko te wai te ora ngā mea katoa - Water is the life giver of all things

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Use this form to make your freshwater submission

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