Update on ActionStation's TPPA Campaign

Crowdfunded big screen stunt at Auckland Airport

Crowdfunded stunt at Auckland Airport welcoming Trade Ministers arriving to sign TPPA

Photo credit: Artur Francisco

Last month, we asked ActionStation members to contribute to a giant people-powered submission on the TPPA. I’m so happy to report that more than 2,500 of you took part in the process and together we’ve created the biggest collaborative parliamentary submission our movement has ever been a part of. To give you a sense of what a big deal that is, we've just been told by Select Committee staff who process the submissions that the number they usually receive sits around the 50 - 250 mark. Check out the references below to read our community’s submission in full, it’s pretty awesome. [1]

I’m also super happy to report that we had 48 ActionStation members attend MFAT roadshows all around the country, asking tricky questions of MFAT officials and challenging the pro-TPPA rhetoric in the room. Well done all of you!

Marianne (our National Director) will be speaking to our joint submission at Parliament on April 14th. We’ve had intel from people who have already made an oral submission that the National MPs on the Committee like to ask submitters curly questions in a bid to catch us off-guard. Those questions, I’m told, largely focus on ISDS, stating that “NZ is already in free trade agreements that feature the ISDS mechanism and we haven’t yet been sued.”

While this may be true, what we also know for a fact is that the use of ISDS as a tool for multinational companies to sue countries is increasing worldwide, and 60% of the time the decision is made in favour of the corporation, not the country. [2]

So here’s the plan: I’ve reached out to our sister organisation LeadNow in Canada to ask if they can help us create a short “cautionary tale” video message from Canadians to Kiwis. Canada is the most-sued country under ISDS as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and a majority of the disputes involve investors challenging the country’s environmental laws. [3]

We’ll make this video and present it as part of our submission at Parliament, but we’ll also put money into boosting it online so more people can see. Can you help us raise the money we need to make this video happen?

Yes, I can chip in $5!

Yes, I can chip in $10!

Yes, I can chip in $25!

Yes I can chip in $50!

I’ll chip in another amount

If we raise enough money for this video over the next 2 days, we can go into production by the weekend.

Can you help us by chipping in with a small donation?

Power to the people!

Laura and the ActionStation team.

PS. If you’re making an oral submission, don’t forget to use the resources and information at our crowdfunded website www.tppafacts.co.nz or the expert legal papers at www.tpplegal.wordpress.com. It’s Our Future volunteers have also prepared a helpful sheet to help answer curly questions from TPPA sympathizers on the Committee. Email laura@actionstation.org.nz if you want a copy.


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  2. Record Number of Investor-State Arbitrations Filed in 2015, UNCTAD

  3. NAFTA's Chapter 11 Makes Canada Most-Sued Country Under Free Trade Tribunals, The Huffington Post


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