Sign up a local business to stop the TPPA

Thank you for volunteering your time to reach out to small and medium sized businesses in New Zealand.

Simply follow these 3 easy steps to ask a local business owner to sign the Open Letter from Kiwi SMEs concerned about the TPPA. Many hands make light work and we really appreciate your help!


We have compiled a fact sheet that outlines the reasons for New Zealand businesses to be concerned about the TPPA. 

Click here to download the fact sheet and attach it to your email or letter


Simply copy and paste the text below and send it to a local business in your area with the fact sheet attached. Please note: If you're uncomfortable sending an email or letter in your own name you can click here to download a letter addressed to businesses from ActionStation.

--- example email below---

Subject: How will the TPPA impact your business?

From: [YOUR NAME] on behalf of ActionStation


As a [FELLOW BUSINESS OWNER/CUSTOMER OF - INSERT BUSINESS NAME HERE] I know running your own business is hard work, and that you don't have time for anything that isn't really important. So I wouldn't be writing if I didn't think this was important, and directly relevant to the future of small and medium business in New Zealand. But I do, and it is.

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am writing on behalf of a group of citizens who are seriously concerned that signing the TPPA threatens Kiwi SMEs and poses significant risk to our democratic rights, environment and public health system. Our efforts (alongside many others) to open discussion with the government as citizens have failed, and now we are turning to the small and medium enterprises of New Zealand, as a key stakeholder for the National Government, in the hope that the government will open a dialogue with you.

As such, we have prepared an Open Letter, addressed to Tim Groser (Minister of Trade) and Prime Minister John Key that highlights our concerns around the very real risks for SMEs in New Zealand if we sign on to the TPPA. It was co-written by the ActionStation community and an international trade expert, with feedback from Kiwi SME owners. Our proposal is that you read the Open Letter, and if you agree with it, you sign it in the name of your business. We have provided further reading material in the link below for you to do more research before you sign and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Read and sign the Open Letter here:

We plan to deliver the Open Letter mid-late August, and it is our goal to get at least 50, preferably 100 New Zealand SMEs signed on before then. [INSERT NAMES OF SMEs WHO HAVE SIGNED] have already signed on.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Ngā Mihi,

[INSERT YOUR NAME] in behalf of the ActionStation community

Click here to read more information about the TPPA and how it could impact your business.

 Types of businesses that might sign on:

  • Those selling local products to New Zealanders
  • Those selling to local / central govt or pitching for contracts
  • Those who rely on low cost intellectual property (IT industry)
  • Those in the food industry who rely on labelling to give their products an "edge" eg fairtrade, organic, GE Free etc
  • Those that rely heavily on the internet and social media
  • Those that sell to international companies in other TPPA countries
  • Green/ethical businesses
  • Social enterprises


Once you've contacted a couple of businesses, please email us on with the subject line "I have emailed an SME" to let us know who you've contacted and what the outcome was.

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