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Posted by ActionStation on Saturday, November 8, 2014


US Congress have just granted President Obama fast-track authority. [1]

This means the Trade Ministers from the twelve Pacific nations involved in the TPPA will likely meet for a Ministerial meeting to finish the text within the next few weeks. Things could move very quickly from there. The Australian Trade Minister said recently that it would take "literally a week or two" once fast-track was passed to finalise the text agreement. [2]

That means, it’s up to us to ‘fast-track’ our resistance to stop New Zealand from signing on to the TPPA.

Lobbyists from big businesses will be bending the ears of our MP’s but ActionStation members can drown out the shady lobbyists.

The best chance of getting through to our MPs is to phone them. We’ve set up a really easy tool to search MPs phone numbers as well keep track of how many phone calls we collectively make.

If dozens of us phone a few MPs, every MP could walk into Parliament next week knowing why TPPA is so dangerous, and what we’re expecting from them.

Imagine the impact of hundreds of phone calls to all of our MPs over the next few days.

TPPA is still shrouded in secrecy - we don’t know the full danger we’re facing, as negotiators shake hands behind closed doors. So these next few weeks are really important. It’s about chipping away at the deal.

We know it can be daunting making a phone call, but remember that your MP is there to represent you and your views. You certainly don’t have to be an expert on TPPA to make your voice heard!

[Please note: If you would like to call a List MP, we have collated a list of their phone numbers here]

Here’s a suggested script you can use, it’s only a guide though, it’s important to talk from your own experience. You may make it through to the MP or to one of their staff or be redirected to their Electorate Office, the main thing is that whoever you talk to passes on your opposition to the MP.

Hello. My name is [your name]. I’m calling as one of your [or name of MP’s] constituents and I’d like to speak to [your MP] to raise my concerns about the TPPA and to ask [him/her] to stand against the deal.

[If the MP is not available or you go through to a staff member, that’s okay - ask to leave a message, or you can leave a voicemail. They might ask you to send an email instead - but if you've already done this, just ask if your message can be passed on]

I’m calling in response to the fast-tracking of the TPPA in the US to tell you about my opposition to this deal.

[Here you should outline why you are concerned about TPPA and/or ISDS. You could say:
  1. Why is the deal being negotiated in secret? I know this is usual practice for a trade deal, but this is about much more than trade. There is too much at stake. I feel we need to know exactly what our government is committing us to, before the deal is done.
  2. I'm concerned about the effect on medicine costs, and how that will affect Pharmac. Are you concerned about medicine prices?
  3. Why are we giving foreign investors the right to sue NZ?
  4. How come Parliament doesn’t even get to have a vote?

Or something else entirely? Why are you passionate about this campaign? You don’t need to be an expert to tell your MP where you stand. If you do want more information you can find it here:]

Will you [or name of MP] vote in favour of the Fighting Foreign Corporate Control Private Members' Bill?

[If yes, thank the MP for their commitment and let them know you will hold them to that pledge. If they say ‘no’ ask them why they intend to vote that way. If they are unsure, let them know that as a constituent in their Electorate you hope that they do. 

If you’re leaving a message simply ask them to vote in favour of the Fighting Foreign Corporate Control Bill]

Thank you [name of person] for recording my concerns.

Please note: If you would like to call a List MP, we have collated a list of their phone numbers here.

Once you’ve finished the call please let us know how you got on by leaving us a note using the form on the right.

If you need any more information you can email us on


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  2. 'Barack Obama gets fast track approval for TPP', Article
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