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stop tppaThe Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) was negotiated in secret by the governments of New Zealand, US and ten other countries. Now the text is publicly available, it is clear that the deal is designed to serve the interests of large corporations and powerful states, not the interests of people or the planet.

On the 4th of February trade ministers from around the Pacific will converge on Auckland to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Kiwi’s all over Aotearoa have shown our government strong opposition to signing us up to this treacherous deal – but they have not listened. Our sovereignty, democracy and protection of Te Tiriti o Waitangi is at stake. As our representatives, the government needs to take heed of democratic processes in which they have not denied throughout the negotiations and now the signing of the TPPA.

The signing is not the final step in this deal coming into effect, the deal will still need to pass through the select committee process, law changes and ratification. We still have time to stop the TPPA. For those that cannot make it to Auckland, we encourage you to take a stand in your city and town. We understand that many people are angry at the governments disregard and blatant attitude towards the TPPA, however there is still a need to maintain the huge support from the majority of the New Zealand public for our campaign against the TPPA. 

Join an event near you:


We invite you to join us in protest against the TPPA. This will be a family friendly event.

When: 12pm, Thursday 4th February
Where: Aotea Square, Auckland

We will gather at Aotea Square at 12pm, ready to march at 12.30pm, then we will march down Queen St. After the protest, please join us for an afternoon of music and entertainment at Victoria Park.

RSVP by clicking here.

Other events in Auckland:

4 February: The Trade Ministers will meet at Sky City. There will be civil disobedience and a blockade happening around the signing. This is not organised by us. We request that any group who does so respects the principles of non-violence and does not damage the property of citizens. We have huge support from the public for the TPPA campaign and the media will be looking for photos and stories to discredit our movement. Click here for information on the blockade

Palmerston North

4th Feb Rally: 12pm - 1pm. Details here.


Rally at 5pm on Thursday 4th at the Clock Tower


On the 4th of February there will be a lunchtime assemble at the Cenotaph outside Parliament with banners, cardboard heads of government Ministers and speeches. Lunchtime More info on Wellington actions at TPPA Wellington FB page.


4 February at 12.30pm: Declare ChCh TPP Free at Christchurch City Council, 53 Hereford St

More info on events at TPPA Christchurch FB page.

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