John Key says you are misinformed about the TPPA


Are you misinformed about the TPPA?

We didn't think so, but John Key and Tim Groser have spent the last two days telling the New Zealand media that all of us who have been taking action and fighting against this corporate power grab disguised as a trade deal are a bunch of “misinformed” “rent-a-crowd’s”. [1]

We think John and Tim are missing the point. 25,000 people marched through the streets last Saturday and 100,000 people have signed petitions opposed to the TPPA. Our very real concerns will not be dismissed with a few glib words, we deserve a high level conversation on the issues we care about regarding the TPPA.

That’s why we’re challenging John Key and Tim Groser to a public debate on the TPPA on national television.  

We’ve teamed up with our friends at SumOfUs to put this challenge to a debate to the Prime Minister and his Minister of Trade. If we’re so “misinformed” and they’re so confident, then why don’t they prove it in a public debate where we can talk openly and candidly about the multitude of issues that concern Kiwis on the TPPA. Together we can crowdsource the questions and content for the debate, we can elect our own expert spokesperson or spokespeople to debate on our behalf and we can drag this contentious issue into the limelight for a genuine nationwide conversation that represents all of our concerns, not just the lines our Government keep trying to spin about who we are and what we care about.

The 25,000 people who marched on Saturday are in good company sitting alongside 300+ small and medium-sized business owners, economist Gareth Morgan, business journalist Bernard Hickey, the Libraries Association of New Zealand, Consumer NZ and Internet NZ. All of whom are among those who have expressed concerns. Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz, prominent economists Jeffrey Sachs and Princeton University professor Dani Rodrik are also among those who have condemned the proposed agreement as increasing inequality and corporate power when they should be reversed. Hundreds of doctors and other health experts are clear that proposed changes in intellectual property rules will push up medicine prices, slow down innovation and make public health campaigns more difficult. Many local software innovators are furious at the protectionist intellectual property rules being negotiated. [2]

This kind of broad coalition is anything but “anti-trade” “rent-a-crowd” “breathless children”.

John and Tim will only get away with this kind of glib rhetoric if we let them. Many of us who protested are not against trade. We are against trading away our freedoms as part of the deal.

Help us challenge John Key and Tim Groser to a public debate on the TPPA on national television. 


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