Does removing the Union Jack from the flag make it easier for NZ to sign the TPPA?

There has been a very popular blogpost doing the rounds claiming that if New Zealand does change the flag and we remove the Union Jack, this will remove "Due Authority" and make it easier for New Zealand to sign up to the TPPA.

We decided to investigate the legitimacy of this claim further and here's what we found:

The short answer is: no, these claims are not legitimate. We spoke to Professor Claudia Geiringer, Chair of Public Law and Director of the New Zealand Centre of Public Law and here is what she said:

"In short, the union jack is of symbolic importance and for that reason, its removal can be expected to be a question on which people will have, and are entitled to have, strong feelings. It does not, however, affect our status as a constitutional monarchy or the powers, rights and responsibilities of the Crown and/or the prime minister within our system of Government"

Click the images below to read her response in full:

letter from Claireletter from Claire

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