The best way to stop the TPPA in New Zealand

is to support The Fighting Foreign Corporate Control Bill.


New Zealand First have a Private Member’s Bill that would give New Zealanders a chance to stop the government from signing any treaty that gives foreign corporations the right to sue if they believe our laws affect their business. [1] It is our best chance of stopping the TPPA here in New Zealand. National and ACT are not going to support the Bill, which means to get a majority we need to make sure the other parties are ready to support the Bill when the time comes.

Will you send a quick email to Labour and United Future - asking them to support the Bill when the time comes?

The New Zealand Labour Party’s official position is weak, but it’s a start. They back the Bill going to its first reading so that it can be considered and debated but it goes no further than that. [2]

Peter Dunne of United Future holds the balance of power and the defining vote will likely land with him. Grassroots community organisers and volunteers from It’s Our Future have already dropped flyers in his Electorate asking locals to give his office a call. Let’s flood his inbox too.

The Green Party and the Māori Party oppose the TPPA.

Take a minute to send a quick email to David Parker, Spokesperson for Trade from the New Zealand Labour Party and Peter Dunne the leader of United Future.

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