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Yesterday the government’s Flag Consideration Panel unfurled four contenders for an alternative New Zealand flag. <Insert small image of flags.

After months of costly consultation these four designs started flapping… and then swiftly sagged. Immediate reactions in our two largest media outlets were headlined “Final four flags a flop”, and “Flag designs a national disgrace”. On social media the fastest trending responses were #distraction, #couldhavebeenawesome and #crapflags. This isn’t what we hoped for.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that none of these designs will fly with most New Zealanders. They simply fail to lift our spirits.

So let’s not waste any more of the $26 million of public funds that was set aside for this flailing project.

Join the call to reject the referendum and reinvest the money that could be poured into this project into a far greater cause: helping to end child poverty in New Zealand. A flag is meant to symbolise a nation, and what its peoples stand for. There are 260,000 kids living in poverty in our country right now, and that’s nothing to be proud of.  

Let’s raise our standing as a country, instead of struggling to raise a half-hearted flag.

Vote to flag the flag!

We don’t need to wait until later this year and next—after millions more is spent—to let the government know what we think about these designs. Vote now by adding your name to our free citizens-initiated vote! Unlike the government’s process it won’t cost our country a cent—and it could give a well-needed boost to those who need it most.

Unlike the government’s referendum, this “vote” is also open to citizens of all ages, living in New Zealand and overseas.

Click here to cast a vote and sign the Open Letter:






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