Will you ask your friends to pledge a bed too?


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Thanks for pledging a bed. Here are four more things you can do for refugees today. You can choose one, or you can choose a couple. Whichever you choose, our actions together will make a difference:

  • Sign up to receive a pack of 10, 20 or 30 postcards that you and your friends and/or whānau can fill in and send to Parliament for free in support of people granted refuge rebuild their lives in Aotearoa New Zealand. Click here to find out more.
  • Sign up to become a member of the Vibe Patrol! We have a theory that most people don’t feel the same way as trolls on the internet do, but it’s hard to jump in and defend issues we care about for fear of being trolled with toxicity ourselves. The Vibe Patrol (aka Troll Slayers or Dumblebore’s Army) are people whose job it is to fight casual and outright racism, xenophobia, sexism, ableism etc online. You will need to be relatively thick-skinned, deeply compassionate, online often, patient and kind. This it not for people who want use too much academic language and jargon, it’s probably not for people who like to win every argument and ideally you wouldn’t be too closely linked with the cause for risk of being personally impacted. We will provide the training, you will provide the energy and enthusiasm to fight the trolls, together we’ll have the community to keep going. Sign up for our first training call now.
  • And finally, ActionStation community member Kate has launched a petition calling for Bill Bill English to immediately offer places under the New Zealand refugee resettlement programme to people who were bound for US resettlement this month. As of 27 January, these people have, without any warning, been refused entry to the U.S under the Trump Administration. Click here to sign and share Kate’s petition.


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