Thanks for your suggestion.

What happens next?

If your proposed campaign meets all of the criteria, then we'll discuss it at our weekly meeting and decide how many campaigns we think we can manage to support in the coming week (i.e. do we already have ongoing campaigns that need more work, what is our capacity)

At this point we might make some phone calls to experts on the subject or ally organisations working on similar issues to find out if they are planning any campaign on the issue, or what they think the best approach would be.

And then as a team we identify what we think are the strongest campaign options and then get member feedback on those in one of several ways:

  • we survey a section of our email list based on the issues they have already told us they are most interested in; or
  • we survey our whole email list because its a new, a broad or a controversial issue; or
  • we post a question on Facebook asking people what they think should be done; or

Sometimes when a potential campaign is very urgent, we put together a simple campaign page and test it by sharing it with a section of our members on Facebook or by email and gauge their response.

The campaigns that our members support most are the ones that go ahead.

It's an imperfect process and one that we hope we'll continue to improve on in 2015.

Thank you for taking the time to make a submission,

The ActionStation team.

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