Share what you did to re-energise yourself

So, the election. 

We're going to keep fighting—for democracy, for the ecosystem and for fairness—because those are the values that matter to New Zealanders and hold up our vision for the future of our country.

But right now, we're hearing from many of you the need to take action. Action that will re-energise and renew us before we launch into our next battle.

What have you done that helped you move forward after the election? Share your actions with the community, or maybe just find a little inspiration.

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I invited five smart friends to lunch

I reckon it's time to unify the progressive movement and get smarter about how we work together so I invited five smart, active friends to lunch to strategise.

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I sponsored a child through KidsCan

I've been meaning to do this for some time and was inspired by another friend's need to "do something" on Sunday.

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I donated to ActionStation!

I love ActionStation so I donated to strengthen the organisation

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