Explaining John Keys tax in a meme is hard

It’s a mighty challenge trying to communicate complex science, economics or tax policy in the form of a meme or with 140 characters or less. It’s difficult, and that’s why simple, yet elegant hashtags like #illridewithyou catch fire, because they articulate both the frustration people feel with the state of things as well as their desire to do something positive and meaningful about it.

In my observation, people generally want to take actions, say words and share content that reflect their values and part of my my job is to tap into that desire and activate it for good. At ActionStation, part of our role is to condense long, complicated issues with lots of background information into compelling communication that can be easily understood and shared by a wider audience. Yes, our goal is to get LIKES and SHARES, but only to the extent that those clicks lead people to take ACTIONS.

ActionStation is a rapidly growing people powered movement, but without the growth or people part, we’re not very powerful.

Yesterday I posted this image in an attempt to highlight the sometimes bizarre unequal effects of our tax system:

actionstation.wagewar (2).png

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