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The Prime Minister is already under a huge amount of pressure from his own tax department and the New Zealand Law Commission to reform New Zealand’s trust laws so they’re more transparent. [3] Experts are also calling for change - highlighting the fact that the Government has known for years about the loophole that allows New Zealand foreign trusts to escape taxation, but nothing has been done to shut it down. This makes them complicit in schemes to avoid tax. [4]

All this media attention has created an opportunity for change by exposing New Zealand's role in endorsing international tax dodging. We need to move quickly to seize this opportunity and call for real change, making sure the message that our trust laws need to be reformed is at the centre of the debate.

So share the petition with your friends now calling for our government to close the loopholes that allow the world's rich to escape paying their fair share in tax by using foreign trusts in New Zealand. We do not want New Zealand to be a tax haven for the world’s wealthiest 1%. 


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