Success: Stop the Cuts to Mental Health Services in Christchurch

Despite overwhelming demand, mental health services in Canterbury are in the firing line as the government attempts to cut nearly $140 million from health funding across the country.
15,000 signatures

Support secure local jobs in Palmerston North, Napier, Tauranga and Dunedin

Sign the petition to save local Mediation Services
1,000 signatures

Fund sexual and family violence services in NZ properly

It's taxpayer money, it's your money and you can demand better.
20,000 signatures

It's Time To Raise The Age Of Fostercare in New Zealand

The government is currently reviewing Child Youth and Family Services (CYFS) including whether the age of foster care should be reviewed.
15,000 signatures

Success: Flying Sheep & Dodgy Deals

We are calling for a full investigation by the Auditor-General into this unorthodox spending of taxpayer money.
10,000 signatures

Success: End Child Poverty in New Zealand

This petition was officially handed to Parliament on 20/05/2015. You are welcome to still sign the petition and we will keep you updated as this campaign progresses. Since handover the Government has announced beneficiary and low-income working families will get a boost of up to $25 a week as part of a child hardship package. It’s not enough, and it has come with some major strings attached, but it is the first increase in core benefits, apart from inflations adjustments, since 1972 and will affect 110,000 families
20,000 signatures

SUCCESS: Cotton On will keep paid breaks for staff!

Exciting news! Cotton On released a statement saying they will maintain paid tea breaks for all staff. You spoke. They listened! Another massive victory for people power! Next up Postie Plus? We’ve heard from our friends at First Union they’ve been up to no good too. Watch this space for more info. But for now, let us rejoice in the power of collective action.

SUCCESS! SkyCity backed down

Why should taxpayers fund a $128m budget over-run for a gambling company? Tell John Key you don't want to bail out 'The Great Sky City Rip-Off'.
1,500 signatures

Success: Demand Justice for 'Roast Busters' Survivors

The Independent Police Conduct Authority today released the report on it's investigation into Police handling of the complaints laid in relation to the 'Roast Busters' case. The Authority found that the victims in these cases were let down by the Police and identified a number of deficiencies in investigative practices.
10,000 signatures

SUCCESS! Taking back our democracy

$8,319.18 raised
GOAL: $8,000.00



We did it!


Thanks to you we have nearly 2200 signatures and received over $8,200 in donations - an amazing response!

Check out our ad in today's New Zealand Herald, and our coverage in Scoop and NewsTalkZB.


For much of the past month, media coverage of our upcoming election has centred on the revelations in Nicky Hager’s book ‘Dirty Politics’. It reveals how some of our elected representatives used attack politics to undermine senior civil servants, opposition MPs and academics who disagreed with Government policy.

Dirty Politics is a stark reminder of the extent to which democratic checks and balances have been eroded in our country. That’s where we step in. It’s time to call our political leaders to account on how they will fix this.

Next week - with your help - we want to run a print ad in the NZ Herald. The ad will be a declaration of determination, an open letter to to all political parties, telling them we expect better from them and are going to fight for our democracy.

We CAN change our politicians behaviour, if we make our point clearly and with more intensity than they were expecting. A full page ad in the Herald costs about $7500. If you want to help get our message across loud and clear, you can chip-in to help get the biggest ad we can! Every little bit helps, even $1.

Chip in to fund our letter using the form on the right (or by direct transfer, our bank details are below) and become a champion for democracy - we’ll be printing boldly and clearly in the ad exactly how many New Zealanders added their voice and the more of us there are, they more impact we’ll have.

If you can’t chip in, it would still be awesome if you could add your name to our open letter here:

Can't read the letter? Give it a click to open in a new window and zoom in!

Or click here for the text.



Direct bank transfers
BNZ ActionStation
Account number -- 02 0560 0155430 01 for internet banking.
If you donate by direct deposit into our account, please add ‘Herald ad’ as a reference. Thank you!

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