Stop the Port's Secret Harbour Grab


Tomorrow, Auckland Council is meeting to decide how easy it is for the Ports of Auckland to reclaim our harbour. If the ports get their way it will make it much easier for them to reclaim our harbour. This is a shoddy process and puts at risk the health of Auckland’s harbour for future generations.

In secrecy, councillors will be asked to permit the port company to reclaim another 2ha of harbour every 10 years into the future. This is without any oversight or following the standard process as part of the planning process.

In other words, over the next century, the port company will get the 20ha of reclamation it originally demanded.

But if we flood Councillors with emails on why this is a terrible deal for the health of our harbour we may be able to stop the Ports secret Harbour grab.

More information:

Brian Rudman: Port's secret harbour grab, Wednesday Feb 11, 2015

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Email Auckland Councillors now to tell them to Stop the Ports Secret Harbour Grab

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