Email the Minister of Health telling him to restrict the marketing of high sugary drinks

The Government is getting ready to announce their program to address our children’s deteriorating health from junk food and high sugary drinks. [1]  

Unfortunately they’ve chosen to rule out the very initiatives the experts say we need. Initiatives such as a tax on sugary drinks and junk food, limits on the marketing of unhealthy products to children and the removal of these harmful products from our schools. [2]

From what we know, with more details coming out later today, it seems all the Minister of Health has come up with is a public education campaign and a plan to encourage more exercise in schools. These are good steps but don’t come close to what’s needed. An easy first step is to limit the marketing of junk food and high sugary drinks to children. All it would take is extending restrictions we already put on products like tobacco and alcohol from being marketed to children.

The Minister is going to be coming under fire all week from experts in the public health sector calling for him to take serious action on our children’s health crisis by limiting the marketing of junk food and high sugary drinks to children. We need you to add your voice to their call, so send an email to the Minister now outlining why we need to do more to improve our children’s health.

The World Health Organisation has already pointed out that there is no way we can exercise our way out of the obesity and diabetes epidemics, and serious attention is needed on the food side of the equation. [3]

Cutting back on the marketing of high sugar junk food is an essential step forward in creating healthier diets for kiwi kids. Even the Prime Minister's chief science advisor; Sir Peter Gluckman agrees as he co-chaired The World Health Organization’s Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity which is calling for major restrictions on unhealthy food marketing to children.

The evidence is clear. But it seems the Minister has the junk food and soft drink industry in his ear pressuring him not to make any regulatory changes for fear that it will affect their bottom lines. The question the Minister needs to answer is what’s more important, the wealth of corporations or the health of our children?

Send the Minister of Health a message now calling on him to limit the marketing on high sugary drinks and junk food to our children.


  1. Major programme to combat obesity to be unveiled, Govt confirms,, October 2015

  2. Policy Briefing: Tackling Obesity, New Zealand Medical Association, May 2014

  3. Interim Report of the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity, World Health Organisation, 2015

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