Solidarity with the victims of terror

A Message of Solidarity

We are shocked, saddened and in deep mourning after the terrorist attacks in Paris. We stand in solidarity with the victims’ families, friends and loved ones.

We express the same solidarity to all of the victims of IS across the world including those in Ankara, Beirut, Syria and Iraq, and to all the refugees forced to flee their homes to escape the very terror that hit Paris.

Today, we stand together for peace. We stand together for liberté, égalité, fraternité.

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The last few days the world has struggled to come to grips with what happened in Paris, while at the same time recognising that the perpetrators of this terror in Paris are the same people who spread terror in Ankara, Beirut, in Syria and Iraq. A terror that we abhor and condemn. We also know it is precisely this terror that thousands of refugees are trying to escape from. It is acts of war, like the horrific attacks on Parisians, that Syrians are fleeing.

In moments of extreme danger, or threat of danger, our bodies prepare us to respond by lashing out or hiding away. But we can choose another response, one that we are now seeing around the world as people refuse to be divided by hatred and fear and instead stand in solidarity with the victims of Paris and the victims of the same perpetrators of terror in Ankara, Beirut, in Syria and Iraq - stand for peace, for freedom, for democracy.

There is hope around us when we look. We saw people opening their homes in Paris to give refuge to people needing a place to sleep. We saw children in Gaza sending messages of solidarity and love to France. Now is our chance to take a stand for hope, and for peace, too.

This is our chance to stand in solidarity with victims of terror, reaffirm the value of peace and model the compassionate society we want to live in.

Sometimes it can feel like we are small and isolated in New Zealand, but we are not. Members of people’s movements just like ActionStation all around the world are showing their solidarity with the victims of terror and standing up for peace. From our friends at 38 Degrees in the UK, at Power Foule in France, at Campact in Germany and at MoveOn in the US, many thousands of like-minded people all over the world are signing this open letter that will be published in the next few days as an ad in the newspaper Le Monde (Paris), and in newspapers in Lebanon and in Turkey, to show solidarity with victims of terror in France and everywhere.

Add your name to show solidarity with victims of terror in France and everywhere.

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