Six Weeks of Activity to Stop The TPPA

As the TPPA talks gather momentum and a signed deal looks to be closer than ever, negotiators and decision-makers need to feel the heat of our people-powered movement.

Last November, 10,000 Kiwis joined the national day of action against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. It was impressive, but now 3 months down the track the situation is more urgent than ever. We are at the stage where complacency, saturation or boredom play directly into the hands of the government, who have deliberately kept the TPPA out of the spotlight (think: New flag anyone?) Editors are turning down stories saying ‘there’s nothing new’. We need to give them a new story, a story about the people of New Zealand coming together in unprecedented numbers to say NO to this deal. Once the TPPA is off the radar, the government is home and hosed. It’s up to us to change this.

On Saturday 7th March citizens will march against the TPPA all across New Zealand. Our goal is to get as many people as possible to the march and to then capitalise on the energy and media that this rally will create by pointing people to actions they can take to stop the TPPA. Our goal is to gain at least 20,000 signatures on our petition, facilitate more than 5,000 emails that will be sent to decision makers and select committees and crowdfund enough money to put a TPPA ad in a national newspaper, as well as on commercial TV.


To do this we have several steps along the way. We have set up a Thunderclap that will go out at 10am on the same day as the march. Thunderclap is an online tool that enables people to donate a status, tumblr post or tweet that automatically goes out at the same time as hundreds (or thousands) of other people. The purpose is to get our message trending for the day and to point people to taking action (ie. signing our petition or making a submission).


At the same time as that, we are putting a call out to the current list of members interested in taking action on the TPPA asking them to submit their messages about why they are opposed to the signing of the TPPA. These messages could be in the form of a 15-30 second video or a short and simple message (100 words or less) that we can turn into memes, shareables and posters that we will pay to boost or print. This to to showcase the diversity and strength that exists within our movement.


Following this, we plan to launch a TPPA fighting fund  to raise $15,000 - $25,000 for a full page newspaper ad to go in on of our national newspapers the day before the march. If we raise surplus funds, we would also like to screen a 30 second version of this video as an ad during One News on the day of the march. With this we hope to reach a new constituency of supporters.


Somewhere during this time, we plan to issue a Press Release highlighting the 83 members of ActionStation who made Official Information Requests regarding the TPPA using the Official Information Act. All 83 were refused or denied. This should keep the media going with stories, which should keep this important issue in the spotlight.

After the rally, our next major action is a joint petition handover at the next Ministerial meeting (rumoured to be in March or April).We'll be handing over our petition using some creative stunt (yet to be designed and confirmed) alongside GetUp! (Australia) and SumOfUs (International). Our goal is to have 100,000+ signatures combined from NZ and Australia.

These actions coupled with the boots-on-the-ground should (hopefully) be enough to put the TPPA in a deep freeze.

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