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Enough is enough. The slowly unfolding disaster of Serco Mt Eden has revealed both the depths of incompetence in the private contractor and the reluctance of the Minister for Corrections to take action on the issue.

We’ve had leaked footage of gang-run fight clubs[1], prisoners arrested in their cells for managing P rings[2], brutal violence going unreported & CCTV footage being destroyed before investigations get underway. The worst thing about this? Anyone who looked into Serco’s history would have seen a dismal track record of violence, mismanagement and failure.

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It’s time to act. There are groups all around the world working to untangle Serco from their public services. In New Zealand, we have the advantage that they’ve only just started to win contracts. And their first contract for Mt Eden Prison has been a huge, catastrophic failure.

The current Corrections investigation does not have the confidence of prison officers, ex-inmates and the public. We’re demanding a full, independent, investigation with the scope and integrity to address the root causes of Serco’s failure. And, given their history, we’re calling for a moratorium on any further awarding of public sector contracts to Serco.

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[1] Secret Gang Fight Club At Mt Eden Prison Revealed, 19/07/15, TVNZ

[2] Three Inmates Among 10 Arrested in Head Hunters Gang Raid, 28/07/15,

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