Send Simon Bridges a MASSIVE Postcard From Kiwis Concerned About Drilling

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"I am still definitely concerned about deep sea oil drilling off the coast of New Zealand"


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In light of the recent oil spill off the coast of Taranaki and the growing number of dangerous incidents in the New Zealand petroleum industry (including fires and serious near-misses incidents), we're reigniting this campaign to send Simon Bridges a giant postcard from all of the Kiwis that are still concerned about deep sea oil drilling and threat it poses to our oceans, as well as our coastal and marine life.

When we hit 10,000 signatures, we'll schedule a time to hand-deliver the 10,000 signature postcard to Simon Bridges, or his Electorate Office.


The NZ government just announced oil drilling and mining permits for Chevron and Statoil encompassing an area of land and sea bigger than the entire country of Wales [2]

The Minister of Energy and Resources, Simon Bridges announced 15 new oil and gas permits including areas in the Maui’s Marine Mammal Sanctuary, Victoria Forest Park as well as the deepest well ever permitted in New Zealand. Chevron and Statoil were awarded an area that encompasses just over 26,000 square kilometres of land and sea.

Despite Chevron currently fighting charges over a 2011 oil spill near Brazil [3], Simon Bridges has said he does not have any concerns about them exploring New Zealand waters. Bridges also said that he believes the public's level of concern about oil drilling has lessened in the past few years.

His belief doesn't appear to be backed by any evidence, so we plan to tell him just how wrong he is. In fact, according to a Colmar Brunton survey earlier this year, “Slightly more than two thirds of the population think the government should invest taxpayers’ money in building an economy that’s based on clean energy industries.” [4]

Add your name to a MASSIVE postcard that will be delivered to Simon Bridges next year when Parliament resumes. Together, we'll let the Minister know that Kiwis do care, and we are still definitely concerned about drilling.


[2] Size of Wales: 20,761 km²

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