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The Latest (May 6 2015):

The outpouring of support for this campaign and this show has been "bloody marvellous" (as JC would say) and as a result MediaWorks was forced to repeatedly delay, and then indefinitely postpone, the decision to cut Campbell Live. [8]

How did we do it? In less than a month together we have:

  • Crowdfunded enough money for a #SaveCampbellLive video that has now been watched by more than 115,000 people [9]
  • Hand-delivered a 90,000+ people-powered petition to MediaWorks [10]
  • Published an Op-Ed in the NZ Herald [11]
  • Sent more than 3000 emails to MediaWorks decision makers [12]

Recently, TV3 bosses told Campbell Live staff that the channel is thinking of canning the current affairs show. [1]

Within hours of the shock announcement, community groups and incensed supporters of the show have taken to creating an action oriented Facebook group [2] as well as writing passionate pleas in a bid to save the current affairs show. [3]

Campbell Live has a long history of covering topical issues that hold power to account. In the past year alone the show has covered several of the topics ActionStation and other advocacy groups campaign on when no other current affairs programme would. These include deep sea oil drilling, overfishing, SkyCity convention centre taxpayer blowouts, the Christchurch rebuild, NZ transport budgets, child poverty, cycling lanes and more.

Two years ago Campbell Live exposed just how many kids in New Zealand actually go to school hungry. The story touched a nerve around the country and the world - more than 600,000 people have watched the story online. [4] Following the popularity of that story, Campbell Live, in conjunction with KidsCan, also ran a Lunchbox Day initiative, to raise money for the children living in poverty throughout New Zealand. This initiative raised more than $500,000. [5]

Political commentator Matthew Hooton tweeted earlier today, “I understand that MediaWorks CEO Mark Weldon thinks @CampbellLiveNZ & @JohnJCampbell are too anti-government.” [6]

MediaWorks representatives say the move follows a period of poor ratings at the show and TV3's drift away from news and into entertainment.

Just as tens of thousands of Kiwis stood up to MediaWorks earlier this year to say no to bullying on our screens [7], so too must we stand up for informative content on our televisions.

“To the extent that we are all educated and informed, we will be more equipped to deal with the gut issues that tend to divide us.” - Caroline Kennedy

Don’t let TV3 dump Campbell Live for an entertainment show. Sign the petition to Save Campbell Live and share this campaign with your friends.

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