Save the Pohutukawas on Great North Road

"They're the only bit of civility in this area, in the midst of an increasingly traffic-choked environment."

Auckland Transport have made the decision to axe six 80-year-old Pohutukawas from Great North Road. The trees are being removed to add few more lanes to the main highway.

Here's some footage that gives a sense of how those trees fit the larger context: Patrick Reynolds and Stuff deployed a drone to give us a birds-eye view of where the birds will no longer be able to nest, at least if the tree-cutting part of the plan goes ahead.  


The spectacular trees have been a feature for three generations. The trees currently form a buffer between the North Western Motorway and Motat. Auckland Transport's decision is a blast from the past when transport planners got to decide everything about Auckland.

The last chance we have to save the 6 pohutukawas is to get Auckland Transport to reverse their decision. Email the CEO of Auckland Transport, David Warburton now and tell him to protect the pohutukawas from being cut down.

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