Save Campbell Live: The Strategy

As I type this, Marianne is in talks with a production company and a media buyer locking down the details for our people-powered television commercial in support of Campbell Live. We start to film tomorrow (Weds 22). 1100 of you have chipped in more than $17,000 and we’re doing all that we can to ensure we get the biggest bang for our buck by pulling in as many favours and offers as is humanly possible. Thousands of ActionStation members just received an email asking them to share the petition once again in the hopes we can get the numbers up past 80,000 before we hand it over later this week. And Ryan has just set up an easy-to-use email tool for you to be able to contact Mark Jennings directly (the Head of News and key decision maker at MediaWorks) asking him to do all he can to save the current affairs show. As you continue to read this hundreds of ActionStation members are writing to Mazda New Zealand on their Facebook wall to publicly thank them for their sponsorship of the current affairs show and encouraging them to keep up the good work. This is what I call firing on all cylinders people-power style!

Will you join me and thousands of others as we schmooze the sponsors, lobby the decision maker and boost our petition numbers in our bid to do all we can to Save Campbell Live?

Click here to send an email to Mark Jennings (Head of News at MediaWorks)

Click here to send Mazda New Zealand a message to say thanks for sponsoring the show

Click here to send TV3 a message on Facebook

Click to email the Save Campbell Live petition to a friend that hasn’t yet signed

Go, go, go!


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