Save Campbell Live - Budget Reportback

$15,000 from the crowdfunder for the video and a further $5553 for a campaign focussed on public broadcasting in NZ. Below is breakdown of how we have spent the money so far.

What did we spend it on?

How much did we spend?

Placement on website

Making the video (production and post production) 


Facebook boosting:




What were the outcomes?

Distribution channel

Page clicks/views/impressions

 Facebook Video 


 Stuff Website Placement 

174,905 impressions

Total # of impressions/views = 192,218

Overall cost per impression/view = 0.8c

From the Stuff report:

"The video delivered a total of 174,905 impressions and delivered a total of 9,953 clicks.  This equates to an average 5.69% click through rate which is one of the highest performing click through rates I have ever seen. Particularly from the mobile sites which was by far the strongest performer delivering 6,168 clicks off only 84,006 impressions (an outstanding 7.34% CTR). The completion rate (those that watched the video right through) was up at 83.93%."




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