Success: Demand Justice for 'Roast Busters' Survivors

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UPDATE 19 March 2015: The Independent Police Conduct Authority today released the report on it's investigation into Police handling of the complaints laid in relation to the 'Roast Busters' case. The Authority found that the victims in these cases were let down by the Police and identified a number of deficiencies in investigative practices.

The Authority was concerned that in several of the cases, because officers concluded that there was insufficient evidence to proceed without the cooperation of the young women, they decided that no further action was required. The Authority also found that investigating staff failed to consider all available offences when determining the outcome of their respective investigations, and that there were options to prosecute that weren’t explored, let alone discussed with the victims.


Now that the review has found that there were charges that the police failed to adequately consider, it's time for the police to revisit their decision not to lay any charges.


To Hon. Amy Adams (Minister of Justice) and Hon. Michael Woodhouse (Minister for the Police),

We demand a formal independent review of the decision not to lay charges against any alleged perpetrators under ‘Operation Clover’ (the Roast Busters case).

We demand this review in the name of justice, safety and in solidarity with survivors of sexual assault, whom police process should protect and serve.


Last week it was announced that the police have declined to press any charges on the Roast Busters case. This is despite 7 alleged victims laying formal complaints and several of the alleged perpetrators boasting about their alleged actions on social media which included sex with intoxicated minors and coercion.

This isn’t good enough. We are calling for a formal investigation into the decision not to lay charges in the ‘Roast Busters’ case. An investigation doesn’t have to mean a police review, it could be a review into the systems which make it hard for survivors who come forward to see justice. Blogger Jessie Hume has some great ideas of things that could be improved.

You can read more about our reasoning in our Roast Busters FAQ

Please sign on to demand the 25 alleged victims get the justice they deserve and that these men are held accountable for their open and organised mistreatment of them.

NB: This topic is a harrowing one. If you or someone you know could benefit from some support, please consider finding a sexual violence support service in your area.

Update (Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014)

We did it! Justice Minister Amy Adams will be “looking into alternative pre-trial and trial processes in sexual violence cases, and the traumatic impact they can have on complainant” in order to better support victims of sexual violence [1].

This is incredible and it’s all because we made enough noise. The Minister’s decision has been triggered by the public outcry over the lack of justice in the ‘Roast Busters’ case, which resulted in no charges despite 7 formal complaints from young women and girls, and another 25 suspected victims [2].

This proves that people power creates change for the better. Nearly eight thousand of you signed our petition calling for this review and thousands more hit the streets last weekend to protest the lack of charges. This is what we can achieve together - influencing decision makers and changing a hopeless narrative into a powerful one.

I also want to acknowledge the huge amount of work done by individuals like Jessie Hume and the grass-roots ‘Bust Rape Culture’ movement who were all working towards the same goal.

Our justice system is currently a hostile environment for survivors of sexual violence and it’s a big part of the reason so many people choose not to come forward about their experiences. I hope that with this review underway, our justice experts who have already done significant work in this area [3] will be supported by the Minister to create a better, more just and more accessible system.

Thank you for your support to get justice for the ‘Roast Busters’ survivors. I’m confident that once the system is improved, these brave young women and girls will have another opportunity to get the justice they deserve.

Until then, we have shown these survivors, their families and the thousands of other survivors of sexual violence in New Zealand that we will stand up for their right to justice and we will make a difference.


[1] Sex victim reforms back on table
[2] Roast Busters case: Not enough evidence - Police
[3] Alternative Trial Processes for Sexual Violence - Law Commission

NB: This topic is a harrowing one. If you or someone you know could benefit from some support, please consider finding a sexual violence support service in your area.

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