CAN you provide free healthcare for all children 18 and under?

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GREEN CAN Yes! We’ve committed to providing free healthcare for all young NZers from birth until their 18th birthday. Currently 1 in 4 teenagers report not going to the doctor when they need to, with cost as a common barrier. Removing that barrier will make a big difference to their lives. Read more
INTERNET MANA ? No answer provided.
LABOUR CAN DO BETTER We are committing to free GP visits for children up to the age of 13 and free GP visits, prescriptions and dental care for pregnant women, and free GP visits for chronically ill and those over 65. We also want to re-establish a network of youth health centres that many teenagers prefer to going to family GP. Labour will provide for 13 year olds and under.
MAORI CAN Yes! The Maori Party pushed hard for free GP visits and free prescriptions for children under 13 years of age as part of our work programme in the Ministerial Committee on Poverty. We seek to make the same benefits available for all children to 18 years and under. Read policy here:
NATIONAL CAN DO BETTER Through careful management we have reduced DHB deficits from the $200m inherited from Labour to $20m. This has enabled us to invest $90m over the next 3 years for free doctors visits & prescriptions to under 13s from next July. That is what we can afford in the near future. As the economy grows we will make new decisions on better primary services. National will provide for 13 year olds and under
NZ FIRST CAN In the 2005 Supply & Confidence with Labour NZ First gained free doctors visits for children under 6, Barbara Stewarts bill for free doctors visits for children under 13 was taken by the Govt earlier this year - we believe that fronting ending this spend saves us money down stream so YES it can be done. Read policy here
UNITED FUTURE CAN DO BETTER It’s definitely a long term aim and we will work towards it as fiscal conditions allow. Currently prefer to focus on promoting increasing immunisation rates; develop and fund more programmes promoting better nutrition; improving dental services; and addressing youth mental health issues. These are steps in the right direction but don’t go far enough. Read policy
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