CAN you restore clean, healthy waterways in New Zealand?

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GREEN CAN Our environment priority is to have rivers clean & healthy enough to swim in and to keep our beaches clean from oil spills. Our plan for swimmable rivers includes establishing a protected rivers network to permanently safeguard our most precious rivers & setting robust water quality standards & land use controls. Read more
INTERNET MANA CAN DO BETTER Commissioner for the Environment review of current approaches - govt, local govt & private with public submissions & hearings to produce national 10-year Water Quality Plan addressing all water quality issues linked to agriculture and industry by 2025. Community and industry based water quality programmes funded through Right to Work policy. This policy goes in the right direction but lacks urgent actions.
LABOUR CAN Labour wants our waterways to be swimmable and will put bottom lines in place to ensure no further degradation of waterways. We will charge a water resource rental for irrigation and use the income from that to fund water initiatives including remediation of polluted waterways, healthy drinking water, and sustainable water use practices. Read more
MAORI CAN We want water we can swim in and eat kai from. We support Te Mana o Te Wai which will improve water quality. We’ll revise the NPS on Freshwater and the National Objective Framework to prevent further degradation. We want no mining in the marine estate and want sustainable land/water use practices. We continue to invest in enviroschools/kura taiao. Read more
NATIONAL ? No answer provided.
NZ FIRST CAN DO BETTER Community wage scheme for environmental activities including clean up and maintenance of our waterways. Develop plans and procedures to handle waste water in rural areas. A couple of points of difference to the Internet Mana proposal. This response is heading in the right direction but is not as strong as it could be.
UNITED FUTURE CAN DO BETTER Vest ownership of freshwater, beds & margins to Crown & put management in public hands. We oppose changes to RMA; will revise NPS on Freshwater Management & National Objectives Framework; create National Environmental Standard for Land Use; create role in Ministry for Environment to hold those accountable for not addressing impact. Read more
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