CAN you ensure sustainable & equitable use of natural resources?

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GREEN CAN The environment is a priority for the Green Party. We will strengthen our environmental laws, like the RMA. We have many policies focused on protecting our natural environment. One is to ensure our rivers are clean & safe for swimming with a protected rivers network & through robust water quality standards & land use controls. Read more
INTERNET MANA ? No answer provided.
LABOUR CAN We don’t have a healthy economy without a healthy environment and Labour will ensure future generations also benefit from the environmental wealth upon which our economy is built. We need to move away from the current government’s sugar hit approach to economic development which results in long term environmental damage for short term economic gain. Read more
MAORI CAN We refuse to compromise on environmental values in favour of commercial interests. We remain firm in our stance that we will fight any move to weaken the driving principles and purposes of the RMA and other policies that protect Papatuanuku. We support Te Mana o te Wai and will continue to push for water we can all swim in and eat kai from. Read more
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NZ FIRST ? No answer provided.
UNITED FUTURE CAN DO BETTER We believe that our environment & our people are interdependent - we cannot have one without the other. Sustainability is not only good for the environment, it also makes economic sense. We will ensure that our environment is enjoyed by generations to come through engaging with the outdoors, better regulation & education. Read more
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