CAN you accelerate the shift to clean, renewable energy?

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GREEN CAN Yes. We plan to make NZ 100% renewable in electricity by 2030 - setting us free from dirty energy & the huge risks this poses to a stable climate. We’ll give Kiwis more transport options, like better buses, trains & cycling infrastructure. We’ll also stop risky deep sea oil drilling & encourage homes, schools & businesses to go solar. Read more
INTERNET MANA CAN Yes. Our policy sets out funding and a time frame for this shift. We fundamentally believe in shifting public and private investment towards climate-friendly technology. Read more
LABOUR CAN Transitioning away from our heavy reliance on fossil fuels to a low carbon sustainable economy will be a priority for Labour. First we must fix the ETS to ensure an effective price on carbon then ramp up development of alternatives to fossil fuels including biofuels and electric vehicles. Also focus on sustainable transport and energy efficiency. Read more
MAORI CAN Yes. We want sustainable renewable energy and will invest in energy infrastructure and increase renewables in preparation for an oil-less world. We want better provision for public transport, cycle-ways and walking. We want a price on carbon and support solar energy. Will provide for tax breaks for renewable energy research institutions/businesses. Read more
NATIONAL CAN We’re committed to transitioning to a low-emissions economy. This includes our goal of 90% renewable electricity generation by 2025 (currently 75% which ranks us in top 5 in OECD); investment to encourage energy efficiency & carbon reduction for business & households; funding research into biofuels; & investing in public transport & cycleways. On the face of this answer it is a CAN but we were unable to find a comprehensive energy policy to support this.
NZ FIRST CAN Yes - it will take time but it makes sense not only for our own people and nation but for our export potential as the rest of the world becomes more concerned about how and where our products come from and how energy/carbon rich they are. Read more
UNITED FUTURE CAN We’ll develop a National Energy Strategy, invest in NZ innovation for new sustainable energy & implement asap. We’ll remove regulatory barriers to encourage new sustainable energy creation. We’ll encourage alternative transport like walking and cycling &better public transport plus promote research into alternative energy sources eg fuel cells. Read more
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