CAN you commit to increased and secure funding for public broadcasting?

Party Rating Answer Comment
GREEN CAN Yes. We want to end the funding freeze on RNZ and ensure there is a non commercial free-to-air channel on television. We support the continuation of NZ on Air funding for public service broadcasting. We want a public debate on options for a ring-fenced revenue source to fund high quality public broadcasting. Calling for a public debate is not a commitment but the Greens policy is strongly in support of Public Service Broadcasting. Read the full policy
INTERNET MANA CAN We will end the funding freeze on Radio New Zealand, & establish a new media broadcasting unit which will develop open source tools for journalists. We will also propose changes to legislation governing tax, company law & trusts to encourage creation of an independent online news agency to report public affairs & encourage investigative journalism. No policy available.
LABOUR CAN Labour will establish a working group to report on funding options to re-establish a Public Service Television Station. We will continue our strong commitment to the New Zealand content sector and ensure there is a platform for free-to-air regional TV. A working group risks making the same mistakes as previous Labour governments with weak investment and compromised proposals. Read the full policy
MAORI CAN Yes. Will continue to support iwi radio and public television to continue broadcasting Māori language programming, and will explore opportunities of new iwi radio stations and support Te Mangai Pāho to archive more Māori language content. Will look at the fund freeze on Radio NZ and monitor TVNZ programme to ensure it reflects Māori perspectives. No policy available.
NATIONAL CAN'T National remains committed to our public service broadcasters and will maintain public ownership. Our focus is on funding content. NZ On Air receives $128 million each year to promote New Zealand culture, accents and stories. The digital switchover and roll out of ultra-fast broadband will also enable greater choice for Kiwis. Radio NZ has experienced a funding freeze and TVNZ7 has shut down under National
NZ FIRST CAN Yes. NZ First will promote diverse, innovative and quality programming including programmes reflecting NZ’s identity, character and cultural diversity. There is an important role for publicly funded television and radio networks to provide essential communications and set the high standard that the commercial services should strive to meet. The NZ First policy goes further still and strongly supports public service broadcasting. Read the full policy
UNITED FUTURE CAN DO BETTER We fought to keep TV7! We will maintain Radio NZ in public ownership & will undertake a review of options for the future of public service broadcasting including consideration of sustainable funding for Radio NZ, whether TVNZ should be sold & its public functions transferred to a new public television service and/or potentially merged with RNZ. Calling for a review is not committing to public service television. Read the full policy
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