CAN you ensure NGOs and experts can speak freely on government policy?

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GREEN CAN The fact that an organisation carries out political advocacy as part of its kaupapa shouldn’t be used as a tool to cut or deny funding. The advocacy role of NGOs has also been used as a reason to deregister charities under the Charities Act. I have a bill in my name to include advocacy in the definition of “charitable purpose” to reduce this risk. Read the full policy
INTERNET MANA CAN Any organisation that receives funding from the government should be empowered to critique the government and give us the real information and experiences from their work on the ground. We need them to stand up and voice concerns/criticisms. We should support and expect them, with their expertise, to be a powerful voice and tool for social change. Read the full policy
LABOUR CAN DO BETTER Labour in government will review the Kia Tutahi Standing Together Relationship Accord we signed in 2001 and continue to seek respectful and equal partnerships with the community and voluntary sector including establishing LT funding cycles. We will also review the Charities Act that National abandoned, with a 1st principles review around advocacy. Sector organisations have reported not feeling supported in challenging previous Labour governments while advocating for their communities.
MAORI CAN The Māori Party believes that any organisation that provides services and advocates on behalf of the community should not be impeded in its ability to seek funding. We would support a model that secures funding while retaining the independence of the organisation to speak out on issues that are important to them and the community they represent. No policy available.
NATIONAL CAN'T Community organisations with funding relationships with government often do provide advice on government policy and advocate on issues of concern. Their independent voices are an important part of our democracy. Many sector organisations have reported feeling unsupported or threatened in challenging government while advocating for their communities.
NZ FIRST CAN This is a very important and somewhat urgent topic that must be addressed. Many NGOs have been turned into little businesses so as to gain Govt funding - this has taken them away from their people focused purpose - we are keen to work with the sectors and create a more secure funding model without strings or threats. Read the full policy
UNITED FUTURE CAN DO BETTER UnitedFuture believes in engaging our communities to solve problems and by keeping this transparent there are no hidden agendas but proper, open discussion. A good example of this is the new Game Animal Council that gives hunting and fishing parties a voice, separate from government but part of the process. Read the full policy
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