CAN you save and regenerate the Maui’s dolphins?

Party Rating Answer Comment
GREEN CAN We’ve made protecting the last 55 Maui’s an election priority. We’ve got a package to protect them from being killed in the sanctuary set up to protect them by prohibiting lethal fishing nets, new oil & gas exploration, & mineral mining. We’ll work with fishers to help them transition to dolphin-friendly gear. Read more
INTERNET MANA CAN We will require dolphins-safe fishing practices and prevent mineral exploration and mining in the habitat of the Maui’s and Hector’s dolphins, including the currently unprotected passage between the North and South Island. Our policy will improve our fisheries as well as protecting endangered dolphins. Read more
LABOUR CAN Labour will support the development of further protective measures or sanctuaries in order to ensure the recovery of our endemic marine mammal populations. We will promote the recovery of Maui’s and Hector’s dolphin populations by ensuring that only dolphin-safe fishing methods are used throughout the natural range of these dolphins, in all areas less than 100 metres deep. Read more
MAORI CAN Yes. We want a change in fishing methods which would involve a transition from set netting and trawling to more selective sustainable methods. We need to find more sustainable ways to support and enhance biodiversity within the marine area in order to address the potential extinction of the Maui dolphin and want to establish Marine Protected Areas. Read more
NATIONAL CAN'T We have expanded the set net ban area to over 100sqkm for each of the 55 Maui’s dolphin (total of 6200km2) and an advisory group has been put in place to provide ongoing advice. If there are credible sightings of the dolphins in areas beyond where we currently have set net bans, then we will look at initiating a review. The International Whaling Commission has stated Maui’s dolphins are under threat from National’s approved oil exploration in their habitat
NZ FIRST CAN DO BETTER We are happy to participate in cross party conversations about what further efforts could be practically made to protect this species. A discussion is not a commitment.
UNITED FUTURE CAN DO BETTER This is an extreme challenge for New Zealand. It is the Department of Conservation legislated role to protect our natural species in their habitats and DoC must be fully funded so they can perform this role sufficiently. We also support DoC’s partnerships with private enterprise to achieve conservation goals and see an opportunity for them here. This response does not include a Party commitment
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