CAN you commit to pay all public sector employees and contractors a living wage by 2020?

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GREEN CAN We’ve just announced our workers package, which includes a commitment to pay the Living Wage to all core public service staff and a requirement for all relevant Govt contractors to pay a Living Wage when their contracts come up for renewal. Read more
INTERNET MANA CAN We can do better than that. This policy should be introduced in the first term of a new government and we should increase the minimum wage to the Living Wage and peg it at two-thirds of the average wage within the fastest practical timeframe.
LABOUR CAN Labour will make priority to lift minimum wage immediately to $15 and to $16.25 in 2015. We will move to a living wage for all core public sector employees, and will work towards the same for contractors as well. Read policy
MAORI CAN Yes. We will work hard to advocate for a Living Wage to $18.80 for all in the first term of Govt. We’ll continue to support whānau - Whanau Ora has helped to create a stronger future. Trade training and jobs for all our young, investing in warm healthy homes, Te Mana o te Wai for clean rivers to swim in, and healthcare free to children under 18yrs. Read policy
NATIONAL ? No answer provided
NZ FIRST ? No answer provided
UNITED FUTURE CAN'T UnitedFuture believes in fairness for all and does not currently support making the living wage mandatory for public sector employees. If companies wish to pay their staff the living wage voluntarily, we support them. We prefer to help all families and workers with support like Working for Families, Income Sharing and better housing.
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