CAN you strengthen the protection of freedom of information?

Party Rating Answer Comment
GREEN CAN The Greens want a more open and accountable political system, which includes a more effective OIA so that people can access the information they want. We’ll take steps to do this, including ensuring the Office of the Ombudsmen has the resources and powers it needs to do its job properly. Read the full policy
INTERNET MANA ? No answer provided.
LABOUR CAN Labour will ensure proactive release of Official Information like cabinet papers instead of waiting for a request. We’ll make clear the expectations of government agencies to process OIAs and strengthen the Ombudsmen’s office to enforce these, including embedding their staff in departments where there’s persistent failure to meet OIA requirements. Read the full policy
MAORI CAN DO BETTER The Māori Party supports an open and transparent political system. We would be happy to discuss the appropriate balance between protection of personal privacy and freedom of information and whether there is adequate resourcing and training available. No policy available.
NATIONAL ? No answer provided.
NZ FIRST CAN'T We are happy to enter into discussion post election around this issue to gain the best balance between freedom of information and personal privacy. No policy available.
UNITED FUTURE CAN'T UnitedFuture has a strong commitment to the freedom of information and believe the current system offers appropriate protection.
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