CAN you provide a free meal in all low decile schools?

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GREEN CAN Yes. We want to cluster health, welfare & other support services in decile 1-4 schools to mitigate the impact of poverty & inequality on a child’s learning. Our plan includes a national school lunch fund to make lunch available at all decile 1-4 primary & intermediate schools & will be available for other schools based on need. Read more
INTERNET MANA CAN Yes. MANA’s Feed the Kids Bill was the first parliamentary initiative for free school meals in low decile schools and is one of our top priorities. Read more
LABOUR CAN Absolutely. We have a bill on this one too (in David Shearer’s name) and we also supported the Feed the Kids bill. We’d also like to link in initiatives like garden to table where that’s possible. Read more
MAORI CAN Absolutely! The Māori Party extended investment in Kickstart Breakfasts which saw over 25,000 kids and 725 schools get breakfasts and are available to low decile schools who wish to participate but we need longer-term strategies that allow whanau to care for themselves and their families. We initiated Māra Kai which is growing your own kai.
NATIONAL CAN Yes. The Government already provides a free breakfast programme in all schools that ask for it. Businesses & NGOs also play their part, like Fonterra providing milk in schools. Ultimately parents have the responsibility to ensure their children come to school with a healthy lunch, so they have the best chance of learning & participating in school.
NZ FIRST CAN New Zealand First supported Hone’s Feed the Kids bill but we believe that not all low decile kids need a free meal and that there are children in higher deciles that do - so we would prefer to see a system along the lines of Kids Can for identified need followed with social services at home to address the root cause. Read more about KidsCan here
UNITED FUTURE CAN We support the current KidsCan scheme involving the Government (meeting up to 50% of the costs), Fonterra and Sanitarium which is available to all decile 1 to 4 schools from years 1 to 13 and being extended to higher decile schools this year. This scheme is comprehensive, cost effective, and achieves the outcomes we need. Read more about KidsCan here
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