CAN you create a tax system that ensures a fairer spread of income and wealth?

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GREEN CAN We’ve proposed a higher top tax rate to fund child poverty initiatives, a capital gains tax (excl the family home) to close the last biggest tax loophole, & a climate tax cut on the first $2,000 of income - overall, our tax changes will leave 97% of NZers better off, address child poverty, inequality, & climate change. Plus we won’t increase debt. Read more
INTERNET MANA ? No answer provided.
LABOUR ? No answer provided.
MAORI CAN DO BETTER We want a tax system that works better to support families that are on lower incomes. Those who earn more should pay more. Company tax is too low and would change this. GST should not be charged on healthy food (fruit, vegetables etc) as well as prescription meds. Company and trust tax needs to change so that corporations and trusts pay more. These aspirations lack detail
NATIONAL CAN'T Under our tax system the biggest contribution of tax is made by those on higher incomes. This year the top 12% of income earners are expected to pay 51% of total income tax. Many low-income families will receive more in state support than they pay in tax. We will aim to further reduce income tax for low & middle-income earners as conditions allow. This policy is the status quo which currently does not create a fair spread of wealth.
NZ FIRST ? No answer provided.
UNITED FUTURE CAN'T We believe the tax system should work in the interests of those raising families and should empower family and community self-sufficiency rather than creating dependency. recognises the value of parents who spend all or part of their time at home raising children. This policy is mostly the status quo.Read more
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