CAN you restore democracy to Christchurch?

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GREEN CAN Yes. The Greens have committed to elections for Environment Canterbury Regional Council in 2015 and removing CERA’s emergency powers and winding up CERA so that elected local councils and Christchurch people are at the centre of decision making. Read the full policy
INTERNET MANA ? No answer provided.
LABOUR CAN Labour will return decision-making to local organisations by immediately beginning to wind down CERA and cancelling its extraordinary powers. We will restore democratic elections for ECan and we will work in partnership with the CCC to find solutions to the financial crisis created by the cost-sharing arrangement imposed by the current government. Read the full policy
MAORI CAN Yes. We need to restore the democratic voice of the community and we need to do this now. The Māori Party will support handing back the leadership of Christchurch to the Christchurch Council and elected local representatives, with particular priority accorded to representation and participation by mana whenua.
NATIONAL CAN'T Soon after the election we plan to release a consultation document on ECan’s future. We’re committed to seeing elections happen but need to ensure the gains made by the Commissioners are not lost. The options we will propose for consultation range from a fully elected governing body, to a mixed model of elected and appointed members. This response avoids answering the intent of our question.Read the full policy
NZ FIRST CAN Yes. Read more here
UNITED FUTURE CAN DO BETTER The earthquakes called for unprecedented measures & we stand by our support. We’re strongly committed to promoting debate about a localist agenda, that would enable communities more responsibility for their own actions & priorities, with central government support, not dictation. We want to return decision making to the people of Canterbury.
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