CAN you raise benefits above the poverty line?

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GREEN CAN DO BETTER Sadly can’t commit to doing that straight away but we have committed to raising parents receiving income support & removing discrimination. We’ll also reduce cost of housing, power, doctors & childcare + review the Act & policies of WINZ to ensure people can access their entitlements, be treated with respect & have enough to participate in society. These are steps in the right direction but don’t go far enough.
INTERNET MANA ? No answer provided.
LABOUR CAN DO BETTER No specfic rise planned but under Labour for many this will happen through Best Start policy with extra $60 per week for kids up to 3, reduction of $300 per week through NZ Power, and reducing cost of going to the doctor. Read Best Start policy
MAORI CAN DO BETTER The Māori Party will continue to advocate that welfare benefits are at the very least CPI adjusted every year. While there has been sustained review of the system of income support, we believe a stronger emphasis needs to occur on whether basic living needs are being met to ensure that individuals and families are receiving appropriate support. The CPI is not a measurement of poverty
NATIONAL CAN'T In 2011 the National-led Government changed the law to ensure benefit levels increase each year alongside increases to the consumer price index. This ensures rates and thresholds applying to a range of Work and Income and StudyLink assistance rise each year to match increases in living costs. The CPI is not a measurement of poverty
NZ FIRST ? No answer provided
UNITED FUTURE CAN'T UnitedFuture fought for the Working for Families Tax credit. We commit to increasing welfare to match CPI, apply intensive case management to those beneficiaries who struggle to budget and pay for the basics, to ensure that their basic needs are being met, especially for households with children. The CPI is not a measurement of poverty
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