Tell the Minister to increase our refugee quota

We’ve known for months that the Minister and Cabinet have the advice they need to be able to make a decision on doubling the refugee quota, and this week the Prime Minister signalled it was possible his government would lift the quota. He wouldn't, however, say what the new level would be, nor when the decision would be made. [1]

It seems even after the pressure we’ve built, together with our partners and allies, calling for the quota to be doubled the Government is delaying making a decision. Meanwhile, the refugee crisis is worsening around the world. The situation is urgent.

The least New Zealand can do is double our refugee quota, both in response to the crisis and in recognition that it hasn’t increased in decades despite economic and population growth. Doubling the quota is the right thing to do, and now is the right time to do it.

So let’s remind the Minister that we need a decision urgently. If 100’s of us send emails to the Minister now we can send him a clear message that we need a decision now on the refugee quota

Send the Minister an email now.

Around the country, New Zealanders are putting their compassion into practice, with some beautiful scenes last week Dunedin when 100’s turned up to welcome its first formal intake of refugees in decades. In Wellington, community and church groups have rallied to fill refugee homes with furniture and clothing, and all over the country people have given generously to the Red Cross and other groups working to resettle our newest arrivals.

New Zealanders are ready to support the settlement of more refugees, and the agencies responsible for their resettlement have advised the Government that given additional funding, we have the capacity to settle twice as many people.

We can’t end all wars, at least not in the short-term, and we can’t help all the millions of people who have been forced to flee their homes due to those wars. But we can help 750 people identified by the United Nations as being most urgently in need of resettlement. Every day our Government delays making a decision to double the quota is another day those people have to wait for a safe place to call home.

Send an email to the Minister now to ask him to end this delay, and double the refugee quota.


  1. John Key on raising NZ's refugee quota, TVNZ, 3 May 2016



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