Welcome More Refugees to NZ: Double the Refugee Quota

Dear Minister of Immigration Michael Woodhouse,


I call on you to commit to doubling the refugee quota.


Will you sign?

20,000 signatures

Years of war in Iraq and Syria have driven millions of people from their homes. Approximately four million refugees have fled Syria into neighbouring countries in the past four years, the equivalent of the entire population of New Zealand being displaced by war. Earlier this year the Prime Minister declared that New Zealand had to 'do our bit' in the international effort to defeat ISIS. But we are not doing our bit when it comes to offering refuge and support to people forced by violence to flee their homes.

Join our call to the New Zealand government to do our bit and double our annual refugee quota, and associated funding.

New Zealand’s refugee resettlement quota was set at 800 places in 1987, and has not increased in 28 years. Today it is even lower at 750 places. The United Nations ranks New Zealand at 90th in the world for hosting refugees per capita. When adjusted for our relative wealth we rank at 116th in the world. Even Australia accepts over three times more refugees per capita than New Zealand. Looking ahead, we’re asking our government to double our annual refugee quota, and associated funding.

Doubling the quota would not make New Zealand a world leader in hosting refugees – we would still only rank as 78th in the world. But with the quality of services offered in New Zealand we would be able to hold our heads up and say that we are doing our bit. 

Sign the petition today to show the government that you want New Zealand to do our bit for Syrian refugees and refugees into New Zealand in the future.

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