Q: What difference does one episode make to combating sexism in science, or furthering science in the media?


Dr Dickinson herself talks about the almost complete void of science communication in popular media, and she spends her time and own money taking the few opportunities available to her because she feels so strongly that any airtime for science  is an important step. Here’s what she says in her blog:

Because we do not have dedicated science TV shows on our national channels, it’s quite difficult to get any airtime for the subject... Until we can get funding for a prime time dedicated science program accessible to all, scientists like me will keep having to throw in our 5 minutes wherever we can because we feel its important to talk about science.

So yes, I’ll likely go onto the Paul Henry show again, because it’s one of the few shows that includes science.  How about we use this momentum to address the issues we have with the content of the national TV shows that we fund in this country and push towards funding some more smart science ones?

Source: http://matterchatter.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/science-sexism-and-the-media/

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