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Understaffed. Exhausted. Overworked. That's how people who work in our public healthcare system describe their experience. [1] They are being pushed by their District Health Boards (DHBs) to work faster, for longer and with even more hours. This is putting patient care at risk as staff are pushed to exhaustion.

Healthcare staff have been pushed to breaking point. They’re now striking over the DHBs plan to stretch their staff to cover a seven day service when they aren't even funded or staffed for five.

Government Budget cuts are causing this crisis.

As population grows the healthcare budget is meant to grow with it. This ensures our public health system can deal with the extra people. The reality is that the budget is down 16% on where it should be if it had kept up with population growth and inflation. That’s a $1.7 billion dollar shortfall in our public health system.[3]

People who work in healthcare are doing their best to cover the shortfall but it’s taking a toll on them and the care they provide. They miss breaks, are forced to work faster for longer and sometimes for free.

The solution to this is a fully-funded and high quality 7-day public health service, where Kiwis can get the care they deserve. This requires the Government and DHBs to come to the table with the missing funding.

The Government won’t act unless we call them out on this appalling situation. Add your name now to our petition calling for a fully-funded and high-quality 7-day public health services so New Zealanders get the care they deserve.

It’s time for the Government to front up and fully fund our public healthcare system. Sign the petition in support of our healthcare staff to save our public healthcare.


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Dear Dr Jonathan Coleman (Minister of Health), 

New Zealanders need fully-funded and high quality public health services. We call on you to fully fund our health system so Kiwis can get the care they deserve and need.

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