SUCCESS! SkyCity backed down

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YOU DID IT! New Zealanders of all political persuasions came together to tell the Government and SkyCity that we did not want any public money spent to top up their dodgy deal, and they have backed down under our pressure. 

The budget overrun wasn't the only problem with this deal, and we'll keep monitoring developments and let you know when it might be time to act again. But for now, let's celebrate a straight-up win for people power.

SkyCity is seeking up to $140 million from the taxpayer to bail out their cost overruns for the controversial convention centre. 

Rather than negotiate with SkyCity to front the cost - or walk away from the deal - John Key and Finance Minister Steven Joyce now say we face two choices: Either the public bails them out, or we’ll be left with ‘an eyesore’ for a convention centre in the middle of Auckland.

$140 million of taxpayers’ money to bail out a bad deal. The Key government are saying public money is the "least preferred option". But 97% of Kiwis don't think it should even be an option. 

If you are in the 97% and you do not want taxpayer money spent propping up 'The Great SkyCity Rip-Off', you can add your name to our open letter to John Key and Steven Joyce. 

We'll put your initials on a poker chip (one for each person that signs) and deliver them to the Ministers, to really demonstrate just how many Kiwis care.


To John Key and Stephen Joyce, 

While there may be a good case that New Zealand needs a high-end convention centre, and that the benefits to the country in jobs and tourism could justify public investment in the right project, the process by which the SkyCity Convention centre deal was reached was neither transparent nor responsible and as taxpayers in New Zealand, we are not willing to foot the bill for a budget over-run on this project. 

We call on you to rule out the possibility of taxpayer funds being used to bail out the SkyCity convention centre project. 

NB: If you are getting an error when trying to sign, please let us know and with your permission, we will add your signature manually.


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