Please note: This is a pledge, not a commitment. We plan to present these numbers to the Government as a show of Kiwi solidarity sometime in the next few weeks.

200 pledges

Will you pledge a bed?

Pledge a bed in your home to a person seeking refuge in Aotearoa New Zealand

We have an election this year, which means we have an opportunity to have a national conversation about the kind of country we want to be. What kind of example do we want to send to the world? Will we choose multiracial and multicultural solidarity and coexistence, or will we choose fear, hatred and anger? 

This campaign is calling for individuals to 'Pledge a bed' to host a refugee in your home. Our sister organisation in Ireland ran a similar campaign to this last year where more than 6000 people “pledged a bed” to house a refugee in their home. They used the momentum of this generous community outpouring, and some rapid-response community organising to help force the Irish government to increase the refugee quota from 600 to 4,000.

Let's do something similar here!

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